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Spectral Ascension is a fast paced battle royale taking place in the spirit realm. Take part in 4 short rounds of non-stop brawling. Gain points through eliminating your foes and be the last one standing. Use those points to upgrade your abilities and further your rampage.

Gameplay Archival Footage

Dev Team:

- Dan Nguyen: Producer, Lead Programmer

- Elvis Ng: Art Lead, 3D Character Artist

- Daniel Liao: Co-Produer,  UI/UX Designer, Artist, Programmer

- Philip Cook: Level Designer, 3D Artist, Shader Artist

- Jackson Mccabe: VFX Artist , Game Designer, Abilities Programmer

- Nathan Huynh: 3D Rigger, 3D animator

- Brandon Leung: Character Concept Artist, 2D Illustrator

- Junyao Li: Texture Artist

- Thane Wisherop: Environmental Concept Artist, 3D Artist

- Cole Cota: Environmental Concept Artist, Level Designer

Enormous thanks to:

- Elie Wiese-Namir: Gameplay programmer

- Will Porter: Art Advisor

- Trenton Goodwin: 3D Artist, Texture Artist

- Patrick Nguyen: Sound artist

- Alicia Zhen: Voice Actor


Spectral Ascension Windows Build


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Cool game, very poggers